"After visiting the Juneau area and Glacier Bay National Park 24 years ago, my husband and I knew we had to go back. We were deteremined to return and were fortunate enough to learn about Charter Brokers of Alaska. With the help of Norma Fleek, our dream came true and we had a vacation of a lifetime, this time with our two grown children. Our 19 year old daughter said it all when she said, "Everywhere you look is like a postcard!" It was an adventure all of us will remember forever. Thankyou Norma, Eric, Kim and Mother Nature." ~ Kim, Morristown, NJ

"Ed and I want to express our appreciation to you for planning and arranging our trip to Alaska. You were always so gracious to take the time to explain and answer our questions. The trip was both special and memorable. You certainly knew which boat to have us on. Clint, Scott, and T.J. were amazing. Their knowledge of Alaska, boats, wildlife, cooking Fish.Travel shows cedar key fishing charters, and fishing was to be envied. At all times we were well cared for and felt safe. Again, many thanks for a trip that created memories to last a lifetime." ~ Ed & Linda, Brea, CA

“I told you who we were, a family of nine, ages 3 to 67 and that we wanted to see a native’s Alaska. You made the perfect match. You kept in touch all through the process and made it so easy. It was the trip of a lifetime. We all thank you more than we can ever say. We recommend Charter Brokers of Alaska to anyone who wants an extraordinary Alaskan Experience.” ~ Dori, Goleta, CA


"Wells Fargo really appreciated the charter and service!"~ Vince & Barry, Juneau, AK

“We couldn’t have asked or had better service, staff and experience. Thank you so very much.” ~ Jan, Wenatchee, WA

“The Crew managed to make each day of our trip special and memorable. We will never forget the scenery, wildlife, fishing, hiking and cuisine. Our crews knowledge of Alaska and boats was truly remarkable. They made us feel welcome, safe, comfortable and relaxed. Charter Brokers was always available to help us plan. Our memories are wonderful and will last a lifetime. Our fondest wish is to return." ~ Ed & Linda, Brea, CA


“Charter Brokers provided me with an excellent fishing experience with minimal effort to me. They provided many more charter boats than I could find on my own.” ~ George & Kathy, Pittsburgh, IL

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a fabulous week in Glacier Bay. The charter was perfect for our family and the fishing trips you helped put together exceeded our wildest dreams. Mindi and I felt like we were on the edge of a postcard the entire time. I am sending a photo from our trip, the smile on Mindi's face tells it all. Thanks again!" ~ Phil & Mindi, Junuea, AK

“Charter Brokers did a terrific job keeping us posted and answering our many questions as well as offering helpful suggestions. Brad & Jeff were outstanding as well. He hoped that my in-laws (in their 70’s) would be able to participate. Not only did they participate but Harold caught his first salmon!! Everything (including the weather) was fantastic. Both Brad & Jeff were considerate and kind as well as professional. Wonderful Experience. Thanks Charter Brokers!” ~ James, Pleasant Hills, CA



“The trip from Seattle to Sitka was absolutely magical. The splendid scenery, the graceful Valkyrie, the water, the dolphins, the fish, the whales, the great villages. All amidst the amazing hospitality of Linda and Frances, the incredibly fabulous meals and fantastic fishing. It was all magical. Our thanks and great appreciation for all." ~ R & C Tucson

“Everything met or exceeded our expectations. Great job by all!” ~ Bobby, Lawrence, KS

“The five guests and myself, having never visited Alaska, were thoroughly spoiled by Richard's hospitality and knowledge of the area. We visited different harbors each day and saw remote spots where other pleasure craft were not even visible. Pat's cuisine was unmatched by any five star restaurant and varied with each meal. Exlporer was an excellent vessel for Alaskan waters and I would be privileged to recommend her without reservation to any potential charterer who might be interested in my opinion." Joe, Newport, RI


“The best vacation of my life! The boat was extraordinary, the captain and the crew were great, the food was unparalleled, the fishing was hot, the whales were everywhere. My notion of heaven would be waking up every morning to discover there are three days left on the cruise." ~ Chuck, Redwood Shores, CA

“Having a guide like Ron Somerville was a real plus. He’s a very knowledgeable person that truly loves the outdoors - and it shows!” ~ Mike, DeLand, FL

“Thank you for the welcome basket. The strawberry jelly was a big hit. I can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the week on the Valkyrie. Linda, Francis and Erin are some of the nicest people I have ever met. The trip was a joy from beginning to end.” ~ Dori, Goleta, CA


“Our trip on the Alaskan Star was wonderful. We enjoyed every minute of it and would do it over again in a heartbeat. Mike worked very hard at planning the itinerary and making sure we got to see lots of whales and bears. Helga cooked superbly!” ~ Mary, New York, NY

“Captain Brad & Jeff were great! We had a great time, both Brad and Jeff worked hard to ensure we all had fish and made it a lot of fun. Thanks very much.” ~ John, Kissimmee, FL

"Nice boat, great time, but next I'm ready to go Sea Lion hunting- one of them stole my King Salmon!" ~ H.P., Shelton, WA


"It is hard to believe that we were in Alaska only a few weeks ago when it is in the mid-90's here in Atlanta. We had a great time! Thanks again for all of your help." ~ Nancy & Mark, Atlanta, GA

"I would like to thank you for helping me and my family experience the best Alaska has to offer! The Halibut fishing charter with Capt. Casie Harris was great! They are very professional in doing their jobs! We caught a couple that totaled about 50-60 pounds. Now I need your recipes!" ~ Paul, Macomb, MI

"Incomparable - Extraordinary - Memorable - Educational - Fattening... There was altogether too much hilarity on board. This was an exceptionally wonderful week. I loved every minute of it. I can't say enough about the fabulous food." ~ Cissy, Fort Lauderdale, FL


"The trip was excellent, the boat was top of the line, the captain was very knowleagable. We all had a great time. " ~ Jon, John, Steve, & Steve, Greenbay, WI

"Without a doubt the best Yachting experience I have ever had in my many years of boating. I can suggest this cruise very strongly to anyone seeking an ultimate experience in adventure, exploring in safety and comfort with privacy. A very special way to experience the action grandeur and beauty of Southeast Alaska." ~ Bob & Franny, Kaneohe, HI

"Just a quick note to tell you that we enjoyed our charter with Tom and Keith.~ Great fun and Great company!~~ Look Forward to making this an annual deal!" ~ Vince & Barry, Juneau, AK


“Charles & Family had such a delightful trip. Chuck’s description was “magical.” Thank you so much for your assistance in making this vacation possible and truly enjoyable for their family.” ~ Andriane, New York, NY

“Thanks for making our trips so enjoyable. Also, thank Captain Mike for the efforts he made to show us a good time aboard his boat. We enjoyed the fishing, the scenery, and the camaraderie." ~ Nick & Friends
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