By Air:
• Air Excursions - Year round air service in Southeast Alaska since 1991. Glacier Bay & Juneau Ice Cap flight seeing, bear viewing, fly-in Fishing/Rafting. Wilderness cabin drop-offs.

• Alaska Airlines - Official site for Alaska Airlines with information on schedules, reservations and fares.

• LAB Flying Service - Link for small commuter flying service with flights to many SE Alaska communities.

• Skagway Air Service - Scheduled air service to from Juneau north to Skagway & Haines and return.

• Ward Air - Operates wheeled and float plane services from and between Juneau and outlying communities in Southeast Alaska.

• Wings of Alaska - Wings of Alaska provides scheduled and charter flight service to the residents and visitors of Southeast Alaska. Utilizing a fleet comprised of Cessna and deHavilland aircraft, both wheeled and float equipped.


By Water:
• Alaska Marine Highway System - This site contains information, fares and schedules for the state ferries serving SE Alaska and, south central Alaska and western Alaska.


By Land:
JUNEAU • Capital Cab - 907-586-2772 - Has both vans and vehicles available. They can be reserved ahead of time and are familiar with the various local harbors for charter drop-offs.

KETCHIKAN • Ketchikan Taxi Cab Tours, Ketchikan - 907-254-7286 or 907-254-7287 - Provides a fun, relaxed and informative touring service to visit the numerous attractions on Revilla Island and local transportation.

PETERSBURG • Midnight Rides - 907-772-2222 - Local transport in Petersburg.

SITKA • Sitka Cabs Inc. - 907-747-5001 - Local transport in Sitka.

WRANGELL •  Northern Lights Taxi - 907-874-4646 - Local transport in Wrangell.

Getting around Southeast Alaska is more than half the fun of the area. Whether you go by land, air or sea, you are guaranteed to have an adventure ahead of you. Most visitor come by way of Alaska Airlines to their first major destination. From there it is a matter of preference and allotted time.

Charters provide quality experience in a custom environment built to suit your preferences. Private charters can be booked as round-trip adventures or destination to destination. Either way, once you've had a taste of the state you'll be eager to get out and see more.

Smaller airplane services provide access to more remote villages and locations. Most air services also have float planes to allow water landings in densely forested areas by the sea or on lakes. One possibility is to charter one-way and fly back over your course to get the aerial view.

The Alaska Marine Highway System provides a unique mode of travel. You can travel to most communities throughout Southeast Alaska via the ferry system. Connections between ports vary from hours to days depending on the distance. Ferries offer sleeping quarters in the form of staterooms or the free solarium deck, in addition to a comfortable dining room, cafeteria, bar, and two forward lounges. Taking the ferry offers comraderie among fellow travelers, great views, wildlife sightings, and worry free travel.

Once to your port destination it is common to need a lift from the ferry terminal or airport into the town center. Most towns are well equipped with taxi cab services. Many of these taxis double as small scenic tour vehicles and will gladly take you by selected points of interest en route to your destination.

Any way you cut it, traveling in Southeast Alaska is an experience you will not soon forget. Without a typical highway system everyone is forced to broaden their idea of transportation and branch out into one of the many options Southeast Alaska provides out of necessity.

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