Athletes and Legal Issues in the United States

In any kind of sport, you should always be aware of how the public perceives you. There are numerous cases of athletes all over the world, including Europe, who have failed to think about the consequences of their actions until it is too late. These people had such a great shot at going all the way and becoming world renown, but they let bad decisions get in the way. Throughout this website, you’ll find several cases where high profile athletes have gotten in trouble with the law, and it cost them their career. Many times, these people get arrested, hire a bail bondsman to get them out of jail, and go home. They think that everything is going to be okay. These people think that people aren’t going to notice. Little do they know at the time, people are made aware of their alleged crimes by the major media outlets. From celebrities to athletes, the human population loves hearing about these things. It almost seems like there are more people that want others to make mistakes then there are people who want people to succeed. That in itself is quite the crime, isn’t it?

How Bail Bonds Work

A person’s financial status will impact how long he or she stays in jail. Very few celebrities or athletes spend any time in jail awaiting an appearance in front of a judge. The way that this process works is actually quite simple. When a person gets arrested, they go through a booking phase. This either occurs at the county Sheriff's office or the local city municipal jail. During this time, they are made aware of their offense(s) and the bail bonds fees associated. This person can opt to pay the full amount themselves, hire a bail bonds agent to put up 90% of it while they only have to put up the remaining 10%, or they can wait in jail until they can be seen by the judge.

While most people can't afford to pay the full amount of the bond, they'll usually hire a local bonding company to post bail for them. They only pay a percentage of the total bond amount when they go through a professional bail bondsman.

best athelete mug shotsMost celebrities and athletes opt for just paying the bail amount themselves. The second most popular choice is obviously getting a bail bond written on their behalf. There are numerous bail bonding companies in every major metropolitan area throughout the United States. So finding the ‘right one’ isn’t an issue. They all do the same thing more or less.

To get a bond written, all a person has to do is give the bail bondsman some sort of collateral in exchange for the agency to swear on that person’s behalf that they are going to actually show up for their court date when it comes. The bonding company now becomes responsible for that person staying true to their word and showing up to court in front of the judge. If they don’t, then the bonding company will have to pay the full amount of the bail AND/OR find the person and drag them back to jail until they can go before the court. If this happens, there will be no bail set for the second time they are in jail.

How Bail Bonds Help High Profile Individuals

celebrity mug shots bail bonds mike tysonCelebrities and athletes make the same mistakes that you or I do. The only thing that makes them so interesting is that they are celebrities and athletes. I guess it makes them more relate-able, but the downside is that it feeds the gossip columns and gives people things to focus on that don’t affect their lives one way or another.

People, in general, are so caught up in other peoples’ affairs that they are almost hypnotized into a mediocre lifestyle. You know who isn’t focused on athletes’ crime gossip? Other successful people. Sure, they may hear about it through the grapevine or see it on the news, but it doesn’t engulf their train of thought, nor do they take any more time out of their day to discuss it with other people.

Just imagine for a minute that there were no such thing as bail bonds in the United States and every athlete who got arrested for a crime had to wait in jail until their court date. Can you imagine how many of our star players that we idolize wouldn’t appear for their next game, especially if Atlanta bail bonds weren't allowed? I don’t think we’d have very many teams that had full rosters at all! Therefore, bail bonds definitely help people who have the funds to get them written. It looks like this profession will be around for a very long time.

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